Sunday, February 26, 2012

We Are Swag

"The world is your oyster, and one day you're gonna find a pearl. Unless if your oyster has no pearl, then in that case you have to get another oyster... which means you need another world" -epic randomness from Nigahiga's "Forever Alone"-

it's really nice when you have someone to share your good time with. especially when that person has the same interest as you.

I like to consider myself lucky to actually have someone like "that". he's like the awesomest buddy i could ever afford to have.

we don't talk when we meet. it's weird, because in our chats in IM we're like really close. there's no doubt that we know each other too well.

chatting with him makes me feel like i can tell him anything. i don't have to be someone i'm not. i'd be the real nerd that i am.

even as time goes by, we still contact each other. not ALL the time, but very frequently. especially when one of us have problems. i guess it's just to remind ourselves that we're there for one another.

NigaHiga is our favourite youtuber. for some reason, his randomness gets to us a lot. we'd quote nigahiga's video when we don't really have anything to talk about. those are somehow my favourite moments.

we're best friends, that's undeniable. and best friends can exist in real life or virtually. for our case, it's both.

he is the funniest, nerdiest yet coolest, most random friend.

and to top all that off, HE is my cousin.


P.S thnx also for the flower. the image of u playing with plasticine makes me lol. XD

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just to be noticed

I took a picture of me with my big bro's guitar as an attempt to capture Sungha Jung's attention if I post it on the web. but when I showed it to my sister, she said I looked too desperate. :(

I'm really serious though about trying to capture a Youtube celebrity's attention. and as for now, I'll let sungha Jung be my first target. He's Asian, he's younger than me and he can play the guitar in a real awesome way. It kinda makes me feel proud to be able to play the same instrument as Sungha Jung. *nostril flares*
(tho, bare in mind that by me playing guitar I actually mean me pathetically slamming the guitar strings)

eventually, after hearing my sister's honest declaration, I figured another method to gain Sungha's attention. which is....
by writing a song and posting it on the web.

so far the lyrics are in progress. but as for the melody, I keep humming it to myself yet they keep changing aswell. =.=" anyways, if I really do finish writing the song I'll probably post the lyrics here.

BTW, I badly want to delete this blog and create a new one. I just feel like hiding my identity because this blog doesn't suit me at all. I want to be the real me. and truth be told, the real me isn't what everyone expects me to be.
More or less, the previous posts in this blog sorta shows the me that I act to be.

wellp, I just have to endure having this one blog(since i'm too lazy to make a new one) it's okay tho, slowly.... this blog will change.
*dramatic music*

Sunday, January 23, 2011

math conquers my brain...

ohaaaii~ ngee... so, what up with the tittle?
hmm... let's just say, i've been so into school lately that i barely have time to enjoy the amazing world of INTERNET...
i guess that answers why i haven't been able to update this bloggy lately..
haha~ *then again, aq sndiri pon malas~

SO! let's make this post short and simple..!

FIRST thing i wanna tell u guyz is i think i'm loving the subjects we're learning in school. HAHA! *WTH MAN? NERD! tp btollaa, i'm starting to really enjoy math, addmath and physics... stiap hari yg ade math/addmath je blk umah msti kpale aq pnoh ngan equation and expression sume!! AND.. DESPITE the fact of how awkward and irony that my mom is the teacher, (=.=") i still think it's enjoyable... *as long as its understandable*

tp keje skola yg mak aq bg pon aq slalu siapkn kat skola je.. wahahah~

okay~ second thing that i wanna tell u guyz is THE FACT THAT I, AMIRA SOFIYAH, HAS NOW OWN HER OWN LAPTOP!! *woooo!! *cheer!! *clap!!
hee.. i just got it a few days ago and YES i'll fall in love with it everytime i look at it.... why? CUZ IT's PINK and damn EPIC!!

actually my dad bought it for me because i didn't get any tawaran for asrama.. so i guess, it's like his kind of way to cheer me up??? ~.~
(i have no idea...)

but anywayz, thnx dad! love you!

AHH, and i guess this also means i'll be staying in SMK Kangkar Pulai for another 2 whole years... errgg... let's just see how that will go... =.="

see ya

Thursday, December 23, 2010

too confident? haha~ there's an explaination

SO! yesterday was the day when all our anxiety disappeared like drastically after knowing our PMR RESULTS~ wooot.. (fuyo, lame x gune ayt skema cm nih)

hee~ and alhamdulillah, my results are satisfying. and by that, i mean i got 8A's. (phewww)
i really have to say that I AM pressured by my family and probably teachers. so if i didn't get 8a's i might have been sooo damn DOWN like... waaayyyy down...

ape2 pon... mmg ramai la dak skolah aq yg dpt 8A. NOT BAD APE, SMK Kangkar Pulai.. yg org laen pndg rendah sgt asal??? hak ellahhh... *emo~
25 org taon nih yg 8A... so we did it~ we broke the record!! hahaa..

okay so ape yg aq nk citer nih pasal time nk amek result tuhhh... punyela nervous sume org... yg aq? emmm... *cough cough*
aq konfiden je kan!! WAHAHA... smpy bile ckgu ckp,
"sape yg yakin dy dapat 8A?"
AQ SORG JEK AGKT TANGAN!! *SERIUS NYESAL SGT AQ ANGKAT... (igtkn ramai la gak yg konon2 konfiden.. aq mgharapkn BURHAN! tp dy pon x agkt) ngeng!

so kire mcm aq blagak la plakk kn!! ADUHHH! sorry sgt2 kpade mreke yg igt aq blagak... sanye,, ade explaination... here, let me keep it simple.
pade pukul 10 lebey, ketika result masih lagi on the way ke sekolah, MY MOM (who's a teacher) texted la ckgu yg bertugas untuk bwk slip2 kputusan tu ke skolah.... then dy btwu aq resultsnye.. so YUPP, i knew my results before anyone else did... =.="

lpastu my mom didn't let me tell anyone.. so i had to BLAKON mcm aq ni x twu la... (mnjadik jugak aq blakon snyer~ wahahaha!!) aq wat2 nervous gilakk... heee~

tp yg mase ckgu tnye pasal yakin dpt 8A tu mmg aq agkt jek la.. SBB JUJO MMG AQ DAH YAKIN~ hahahahaahha!!!

ngeng tol. hishh... anywayyyzzz!! to everyone yg dpt result bagos2 tu congratz okay!! troskan usehe ntok SPM pulakk...~

p/s: SPY AQ 7A~ wahahah! *nape nk kne btwu kat sini? MABOK!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

BLUE just made me RED

ouh~ terasa malas sungguh nak update blog..

but something interesting just happened to me this evening..
and by interesting, i mean embarrassing~

so petang td, my mom ajak kluar gi taman u. and since it was damn boring (plus it was raining) and i definitely had nothing better to do, i accompanied her. dy kate dy nak beli sushi and cool blog kat Jusco. (aq x twu la plak sjak bile ntah mak aq minat cool blog nih... layan~) but then bile dah smpy tmn u, dy ckp nk gi bank~ n then gi kedai kain. lpastu tibe2 my mom ckp mlz plak nk msok jusco..
so i made the '(=_=")' face.
meyh.. she gave me false hope of having SUSHI and COOLBLOG for snack...!
u can't blame me for being broken hearted,..

so dah sedey2 tu mak aq pon bwk gi 7Eleven... bli lah SLURPEE sbagai pngganti CoolBlog.. and CHOCOLATES!! haha~ *dah x mrajok dah*
but the slurpee somehow didn't taste as good as i remember .. *-*
(oh n slurpee aq tuh wrne biru BTW)

n then agk2 kol 4 lebey tu blk la smule ke umah.. tp bile dah smpy kat tsp my mom stopped at Esso nk isi minyak~ aq nyer slurpee da nk abes da time tuh.. *khusyuk giler mnyedot*
so as always, driver msti mls nk kluar kete punyer ntok byr kat kaunter kn? jadik aq lah tukang pegi byr... as soon as i reached the counter i saw two ladies... sorg makcik n sorg lg akq.
DUE2 TGK AQ SMACAM! (lg2 akq tuuu...)
she was like, NOT BLINKING for a few seconds just to stare at meee...
aq plik gilakkk~ ASAL AN TGK AQ SMCM!?

tibe2 makcik tu tego.
"EH, asal bibir ko biru tu, dik?"
i was like,
"huh?" n then tutop mulut.. PERH BARU AQ TRIGT AQ MINOM SLURPEE !
makcik tu tanye lg skali.. bru aq jwb
"OHH,, td minum slurpee.. hehe"
pastu aq cepat2 blahh~
*fuhhh blushing red*

lariiii blk smule ke krete... AQ TGELAK ABES!!! mak aq pon bru pasan bibir and lidah AND GIGI aq sume BIRUUU!!! aq cepat2 tgk kat cermin!! HAHAA, mcm ape daaa~
if i had the chance, i would take a picture and probably upload it somewhere.. but i didn't have a camera OR my handphone. meyhh bad luck for u guyz,


dah tu je aq nk share ari nih...
even though it was pretty embarassing, at least it made my day...

ermm see ya~

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's gonna be a BABY BOY!!!


okay, obviously i'm too excited!!
so siang td, kak long ku pegi ke klinik untuk check up dy pnye kandungan (YEAH, she's 7 month pregnant) and guess what?? the doctor said her baby will be a BOY! (duuh, i said it in the tittle)

ANYWAYZ, next year, when i'm 16, i'll be an aunty already..
("mak su" that's what he's gonna call me.. haha.. mcm tue jek an?) ngee~

but i still think it's weird though.. i feel like my big sister is growing up so fast.. T^T
*tears* i mean,, she's gonna be a MOM soon... i wonder if she's ready?
HA-HA. *parent talk*

kay2, ape2 pon, aq harap kak long dpt melahirkan baby yg comel dan sihat, and do ur best in raising it (i mean HIM.) and YEAH, don't worry kak long, when he's old enough (at least when he's 4 yrs old.) I'll teach him to play the piano~

BTW! thnx to Anis Nadzirah for awarding me with the Beautiful Blog award~ hahaa! thnx2.. terharu I...

wahahaha~ OKY2... blog updated...

meyh =.=" see ya!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a message to my 20 year old self.

okay, so here's the thing:

i'm gonna write a MESSAGE or something like an ucapan for the future me, (the 20 year old me), so that when i grow up, and turn exactly 20 (which will be on the 7th February 2015) i'll be reading this post and see what the me THEN(the past) has to say for the me NOW(the future)... err... that's confusing...

BUT YOU GET THE POINT, RIGHT? (please say yes... well, even if you don't eventually u'll get it)

OKAY! so here goes:

Dear 20 year old me,

first of all, i'd like to say HI! and really, you're reading this after 5 years, huh? i hope this blog still exists and ur still updating it.. (well if ur not then i guess i can understand) OHH, AND HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY~ wahahaha... (it feels weird wishing myself happy birthday)

AHH NE! i hope u did well in SPM.. AND! how bout my plan of furthering my studies in Japan?!! i bet u're on ur way to japan now, right? RIGHT? eh? no? yes? WHUTEV! i'm still going to JAPAN ONE DAY!. and please don't tell me u've given up on animes and mangas! THAT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE!. even if i am 20, it doesn't mean i can't love animes anymore, right?

hmm.. let's see.. my big bro should already be married by 2015... he could already have a child too.. *shocking* O.O
i don't wanna think about that.. =.=" (him getting married.. pfft...)
and i hope kak long would have her second (or third) child~ BUT then again.. she did say something about waiting for SEVEN YEARS until she'll have another child.. hahaa!! X sanggop nak menghadapi saat2 awal mengandung.. LMAO..
kak ika will be 23. hmm... 23? will she still be a JUSTIN BIEBER FAN?

jeng jeng jeng.
persoalan yg mungkin mengerikan...
*whispers* but i hope she's not married yet at that moment.

and what about me?! GOSH I HOPE I'M STILL SINGLE! wahahahahaa
mmg ade gak gurau2 nak kawen lpas SPM.. BUT HECK LAA...
i mean seriously, i don't wanna get married until at least i'm 25 or so.
U HEAR THAT, 20 YEAR OLD ME? just wait till 5 more years... haha~
*who am i to boss u around?


ne, i hope ur still in contact with my friends (your old friends)... cuz really, they're too awesome to be forgotten... AND GIRL, u better have ur drivers license already! and probably even ur first car~ WOOHOO.
*how bout that, huh!?

okay, and lastly i'd like to say,, NEVER look back on the mistakes you've done in the past. just take it as a memory and keep moving forward~ aww, if they invented time machine by 2015 please do visit me.. hahaa~

on second thought, please don't. I'D FREAK OUT too much.

wellp, guess that's it from me. peace out~

p/s: i bet ur gonna say this "gosh, i was soo pathetic 5 years ago." hahaha~ but believe me, u are too. teehee~

ermm.. i guess that ends the blog?
ha.ha. see ya.